Youth Fest in Bucky Harris Park

Meet Others


Jackson County has quite a few young LGBTQ & Ally teens.  Have you met them yet?  Here's a perfect opportunity to meet like-minded youth, come together and celebrate each other in the community.  Life seems a lot easier when you find a good group of friends.

Play Lawn Games


Want a chance to just hang out and talk or play games in the park?  Well, here's your opportunity to just relax with school just starting, and just enjoy getting to know others...  at your pace.  No stress, no schedule needing to be kept, just FUN.

Learn about Secondary Education possibilities


Before we host a Back to School event later at the end of Summer, we have colleges and universities coming to YOU with information to take home and think about continuing education and earning a degree.

Join the Youth Drag Show


Interested in performing in front of your peers and other LGBTQ teens?  Here's a chance to slip into those platforms, a gown, or just throwing a boa over top your regular clothes, and lip sync to your favorite tune.  For more details, click HERE.  Or you can contact @jacksonhighgsa on Instagram for more details. 

Speak to area GSA clubs


Gay Straight Alliance or Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Clubs,  are student-run organizations that unite LGBTQ+ and allied students to build community.  Does your school have one?  Talk to other students from GSA's and work together to strengthen and unite community teens

Be a part of the bigger picture


YOU are not alone.  There are teens just like you, that may or may not go to your school.  Meet other teens and work together at strengthening an online and in-person community of LGBTQ teens & Allies