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Festival Information

Festival Map

You might want to know in advance where everything is, right?

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Entertainment Lineup

Who's playing the festival?  What time do they go on?

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Youth Festival within a festival

Are you in a GSA, or want to meet other LGBTQ teens Jackson County?

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The Important Stuff



We ask a suggested donation of $10.  This goes towards helping the Jackson Pride Center keep a physical location available to help our those in need, hold more functions and classes aimed at bettering  our community overall, and help fund administration costs like printing and supplies.  IF $10 is too steep, we will welcome you to step in and volunteer an hour or two of your time, or sign up to volunteer at various events we hold year-round.

This is our 3rd Annual Festival

In keeping with a tradition of celebration and outreach, the Jackson Pride Center is proud to be able to host such an elevated event lasting a week long.  This year's theme celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, and rightly so.  With the first march happening a year later in 1970, a new movement ignited not just New York, but a nation, and each year since, LGBTQ communities nationwide have kept with tradition in having "open houses" for their and surrounding communities, to share resources, to elevate knowledge, and to simply celebrate together as a community.

This looks fun, but it's hard work and isn't easy

There's a lot of work that goes into coordinating talented people to work together as a team.  With each committee member's skill set, we're able to work together and construct an event with the many intricate pieces coming together.  It's not easy, and it isn't cheap.  

Our generous sponsors and collaborators

We have some A-W-E-S-O-M-E Community Partners!  Some we've worked with for our third year, and others we've just met, and look forward to continuing to foster a partnership that will not only strengthen our local LGBTQ community, but our local community overall as well.  Over the last year, we've really put ourselves out there to help be good stewards of our community by getting involved outside of just hosting a growing festival, but year round with participating in multiple community coalitions and partnerships.  Our Sponsors will see, that not only do we put on a great party, BUT we know when to help our community when the need arises...and we help a LOT. 

Get involved and be a part of next year's team!

We are looking for collaborators!  We love new and fresh ideas.  Our goal is to top each year's festival and activities with something interesting and festive the next year.  Do you have an idea you'd like to bring to life?  Join our team starting in September (Yes, this starts right after we pack up the tents and sweep up all that glitter...and there's a lot of it!), help us come up with next year's theme, the dates, the logistics, etc.   If you're interested in joining our team, email and let them know.